A sustainable fashion project that showcases it artisanal work

A handcrafted object is always accompanied by a great story.


We had the opportunity to accomplish beautiful work by collaborating with a Brazilian cooperative. A group of women, in a coastal village in Rio de Janeiro, cultivate the traditional art of hand weaving. The main function of the cooperative is the fabrication of custom made textiles produced for the textile industry and also the development of its own products.

Our intention was to fabricate a line of bags using these textiles and to finish the pieces in Madrid. We developed, between these two cities, an artisanal project under the design, supervision and distribution of our studio. click here

 We designed a collection of unisex bags that would fulfill the needs of a large city and would simultaneously reflect a bohemian touch through its natural, unstructured woven fabric replacing the rigidity and formality of leather bags.

The opportunity to begin from scratch and choose each weave pattern together with the artisans provided us with a wide range of possibilities and limitless artistic and creative freedom. This secular technique contains, as a result, rich artisanal woven fabrics made with threads and natural fibers. The imposed limitations that this kind of work brings by way of the weaving itself or due to its small production, are factors that further increment the level of collaboration between the design department and that of production.

After many months filled with trips, emails and phone calls, we happily concluded our collaboration resulting in the production of a great amount of varied woven fabric. The fabrication of these, in addition to the craftsmanship of Spanish tanneries, have resulted in beautifully crafted and unique pieces.


The tradition of artisanal designs in leather and the Spanish leather industry

The art of leather works and craftsmanship


We have been working for a long time with a leather studio in Madrid.  We like to work with natural materials and their artisanal techniques are trademarks in our projects.  In this way, we have maintained a long-lasting relationship with a local tanner with whom we continually collaborate.

Once the fabric is finalized, we begin the fabrication of the bags. The patterns are designed at the same time as the woven fabric. A unique creative process that may be subject to small, natural variations throughout its production but has been fully conceptualized since the start of the project.

Decisions, starting from the leather: its flexibility, color, and type, down to the trimmings and the natural fiber linings as well as its internal structure are made after many studies and discussions performed by the professionals involved in the project.

The tailoring of our bags has been thoroughly accomplished through artisanal means. Each bag is made of various pieces which are, like artisanal shoes, glued and sewn together by professionals. Each person is specialized in a specific tool, such as the compass with dividers, hole punchers, punches, and sewing machines.

This collection was comprised of functional and geometric designs that adapted to both genders. The main protagonist of each bag is the weave and since the patterns are not heavy in detail, this has helped to accelerate their production. We work with recycle leather that comes from the fashion industry waste.

sustainable fashion

We pay special attention to the materials we use, how they’re manufactured and their durability combined with a design of pure and timeless lines prioritizing quality and longevity.

The starting point of this project was the desire to return to the artisanal by focusing on a respectful work ethic, the advocacy of tradition and the promulgation of dignity in our work.

The objective was to add visibility to the work performed by local artisans and to promote their talents in the textile industry.

Lobao Studio is characterized by its craftsmanship, its exclusivity and by its contemporary and ethical work in fashion.  The commercial relationship between the artisans and ourselves is perfectly transparent. Each member of the team participates in the decisions as well as the placement of value to their work.

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The basic rules of our agreement are comprised of: the eradication of child labor, the propagation of gender equality, and the respect and support for ethical labor laws and human rights.

We believe that social consciousness is the new trend.

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