Our coat collection is crafted by artisans in Spain

In the textile industry, sustainable fashion is not the future but the present.


Our coat collection began with our desire for production within our local market; this way we could have full and transparent control over our means of production. Our main goal was to offer our full support to traditional and artisanal crafts and thus creating a product that is sustainable and high in quality in the fashion industry.

sustainable fashionAll of our coats are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain using 100% natural materials. Our threads are made in Europe and they are not blended with acrylic, polyester or any other synthetic fiber. The integrity of our suppliers guarantees the purity of our threads which are produced strictly under the European Chemicals Regulations, ensuring a responsible use of tinctures as well as prohibiting the use of toxic chemicals.

Our studio is located in the center of Madrid. Our garments are manufactured in small factories located in the center and northeastern parts of Spain. We combine the use of the latest technologies within the textile sector with artisanal craftsmanship in each garment. The professional relationship we have with the factories and with our clients is based on transparency and veracity.

Our designs are timeless, urban, with refined lines resulting in an effortless silhouette meant for daily wear.

Natural materials have always been superior due to their outstanding properties and sustainability. The design world today must work towards leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Our coats are fabricated using 100% pure lambswool and the thread is imported from Austria or Italy. The history of boiled wool begins in the Alps where it has been widely used to protect its inhabitants from extreme mountain weather.

Our wool is placed in industrial size washing machines. The heat and fair fashionthe humidity break the fibers in a process called felt. The fibers interlace one another and reduce in length becoming more compact. In the boiling process, airbags are introduced which lend their isolating properties obtaining their desired thickness. Our coats do not need internal lining due to the thickness of the wool.

Garments made with boiled wool, are able to maintain a consistent interior temperature regardless of extreme cold or humid conditions. The fibers are equipped with natural protection against UV rays. Same as with human hair, this wool contains keratin which makes it more impermeable to water.

The wool is pressed allowing it to maintain its shape for a longer time span than combed wool. These garments should be cleaned in moderation and always dry cleaned. It is sufficient to give the garment a light brushing for daily maintenance.

Our garments are pre-washed and revised by hand guaranteeing the utmost perfect conditions for our clients. Each one of them is stored in a dusty bag facilitating storage and future maintenance.

We must be conscious of what we consume and opt for sustainable fashion.


There is no Planet B.


The textile industry is the second highest environmental pollutant, petroleum being the first. Experts say that a garment worn less than five times and discarded, produces 400% higher carbon emissions than one that is worn around fifty times and is owned for one year.

As consumers, we should support ethical and local production. When we purchase a garment, we should be aware of where and how it was made. Conscious consumption involves our responsibility towards debating over distinct processes of garment manufacturing and distribution. In this manner, we can hope to maintain an equilibrium of sustainable production and consumption worldwide.

Textiles made using natural fibers and produced locally are beginning ethical clothing brandsto become ofessential importance in the fashion industry. Our new and emerging social values have formed a trend in this sector. It is fundamental in today’s society to opt towards quality in order to preserve the world we live in.

Through this coat collection, we wanted to achieve the utmost ethical sincerity and transparency and form part of a conscientious world of fashion. The most important part of this project is the transparent relationship with our clients, suppliers along with the high quality of our products combined with contemporary design.

A garment that lasts for a long-time forms part of our history, carrying with it a portion of our emotive memory.

Lobao Studio’s work in fashion strives for respectful labor relationships and promotes the return of traditional craftsmanship while continuing to research new trends, textiles and designers. To know more, click here.