Our collection is 100% MADE IN SPAIN by local factories and artisans; thereby creating a well-made and long-lasting product. Our team inspects each detail of production to ensure responsible and ethical practices.

Our bags are entirely handcrafted in Madrid. When choosing fabric, we ensure that it has followed strict certification regulations pertaining to origin, as well as the process and management of systems involved in production.

Each piece of the crockery set is manufactured, painted and glazed individually. As a result of this artisanal process, each bowl is unique and exclusive.

Our ready-to-wear selection’s paramount achievement has been the use of natural fibers and European yarns which guarantee the high quality that we strive for.

Its functional design, effortless style, natural attitude, and social awareness are some of its star attributes. Our first clothing collection was designed and commercialized in 2015 and since then we have been cultivating our designs each season.

Our contemporary perspective of traditional methods has created both a cutting-edge and a sustainable brand. In 2019 we presented an online platform and spread our philosophy throughout various markets.


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Established in Madrid in 2010, the Lobao Studio employs a multidisciplinary approach that places a keen focus on fashion, cinema and design which can be observed in all of its works.

The interior design projects are characterized by a comfortable and cozy environment. A contemporary vision and distinctive aesthetics as well as the integration of various aspects of different fields of study and techniques are its main objectives.

Lobao Studio’s work in fashion strives for respectful labor relationships and promotes the return of traditional craftsmanship while continuing to research new trends, textiles and designers.


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I’m Luiz Lobao. I have been working in the fashion industry for over fifteen years. I have extensive experience in distribution and retail. I studied Cinema at the University and received a Masters in Fine Arts majoring in Costume and Set Design. Currently all my interest in the textile industry is turned to the creation of sustainable products.

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