In our collection, we pay close attention to all aspects of manufacturing. We join forces to ensure that, through our work, we are making ethical choices that support our workers, our consumers and the environment.

Transparency is a key element when it comes to our suppliers. Throughout the years, we have cultivated a relationship based on confidence. The dignity, respect and the care we foster in this relationship is palpable in all stages of production.

By holding production in Spain, we can personally affirm that the teams that work with us are not subjected to forced labor, unjust working conditions or unsafe working environments. Spain upholds strict legal margins for textile industry workers, which avoids unfortunate situations that other countries are subjected to due to lack of regulation. We enjoy visiting our producers and maintaining a close relationship with product. We also work with some European suppliers and always make sure that they comply with sustainability regulations.





We work hard to create collections that are manufactured in an ethical and sustainable manner. Our commitment to socio-economic and environmental pillars associated with this field, is fueled by our focus on reducing the footprint of our textile production. This does not mean that we are there yet, but we are doing our best.



We love to work with natural materials. In textile production, one of the most important characteristics of sustainability is the use of the best weaves that carry the least impact on our environment. A controlled use of chemicals, water and dyes are fundamental factors to maintain ethical production practices. The thread and fabric that we utilize are produced under the strictest chemical use guidelines. Many of our suppliers work with the bluesign system solution for the sustainable production of textiles as well as GOT certified and Oeko-tex certified. The small leather details on our bags derive from leftovers and vintage deadstock from the local shoe industry.






We are not interested in disposable garments. Our product has been conceived to be durable, resistant to the passing of time ensured by using high quality materials. From the selection of natural fibers to garment design, we focus on making a garment that will form part of your wardrobe and your story, season after season.



All products demand packaging to protect them during transportation. We recycle cardboard boxes and re-use them whenever possible. Many of our products are shipped in a natural cotton bag to be used for future maintenance and storage purposes. These dust bags are manufactured and stamped in Spain by small, local establishments.





You are also part of it

  • Unless it has a stain, always wash your garments in cold water for daily use.
  • Wool must only be washed after a prolonged period of time or if it has a stain. For daily maintenance, it can be ventilated for one full day for further, continuous use.
  • It is important to preserve old garments. Frenetic consumption is not beneficial to the environment nor to your pocket.
  • Questioning the manner in which we manage our purchasing is the starting point towards significant change. We cannot go without clothes, but we can purchase garments in a much more intelligent way.